My Mission

"My mission as a Wealth Management Advisor with the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company is to inspire my clients to create a compelling vision for their future; to encourage them to dream courageously; and to help them define the steps necessary to achieve these dreams. I build positive, long term relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and solid financial security advice. Finally, I strive to have a significant impact on every life I touch."

Brian A LaValle, CFP®, CLU®, MBA

Planning Approach

Life never stands still. It evolves, changes direction, and leads to new possibilities. That means your approach to financial security cannot be static, because as your life changes, so do your needs and goals. I combine my experience with your goals to offer you expert guidance and innovative solutions. I specialize in providing high quality strategic advice to help physicians, engineers, and business executives meet their financial goals.

I utilize a four-step process to help you plan for the future and help protect you if life takes an unexpected turn.

  • Ask you questions: Before I can advise you about any of the strategies that might be appropriate in your situation, I need to learn about you.
  • Analyze the information: I provide you with a comprehensive analysis that compares what you have with what you want and identifies any gaps.
  • Make recommendations: I then prepare a detailed plan that includes a review of what you have already done, and some recommendations about what you may need to do next.
  • Keep in touch: Nobody’s situation stays the same. As yours changes, I will review your plan, and perhaps suggest revisions to help ensure that your plan keeps pace with your changing situation.

I am committed to ensuring that your family’s needs will be met with care, expertise, and an understanding of your unique circumstances and individual goals.

Brian A LaValle, CFP®, CLU®, MBA

Wealth Management Advisor

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